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School Alert Program

“When children have seizures...understanding makes a difference”

United Needs & Abilities participates in the Epilepsy Foundation's national School Alert program. This program is designed to respond to the special needs of children with epilepsy, their teachers and their classmates.

What is School Alert?

It is a comprehensive public and professional health education package on epilepsy. It is designed to inform teachers and other adult members of the school community about epilepsy so they will:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of seizure disorders
  • Know what to do if a child has a seizure at school
  • Build the child's confidence, and help compensate for any learning disabilities
  • Promote prevention of epilepsy among the next generation
  • Provide emotional support for the child with epilepsy by displaying an attitude of calm and acceptance
  • Create, by example, a favorable social climate for the child at school

Why is School Alert important?

A well developed school health education program can significantly benefit a child with epilepsy. School Alert aims to eliminate fear and misconceptions about epilepsy by helping teachers and other school personnel to understand that epilepsy can affect anyone, that the condition should not be feared, and by demonstrating how to help a child in the event of a seizure.

How much will it cost my school to have a School Alert presentation?

Absolutely nothing!United Needs & Abilities offers School Alert presentations free of charge to Eastern Shore schools.

How do I schedule a presentation?

Simply call our main office at 410-543-0665, or contact us here.