Saving the Digital Day

The Tezla Group saves the day at United Needs & Abilities

It’s one of the greatest fears of our modern technological world: having our equipment fail us.  This is an even bigger issue when it occurs in a not-for-profit organization that serves the community, like United Needs & Abilities. Thankfully, there’s a company that can save the day should the worst digital disasters occur: The Tezla Group.

“Other companies would have charged an arm and a leg to provide emergency technical services.  The Tezla Group took the time to not just fix the problems, but anticipate the future technological needs of our organization, while keeping costs at a minimum. ” – Michael Dyer, CPA, LGSW

The Tezla Group is a forward-thinking business technology company that serves its customers quickly, effectively, and courteously.  They provide IT Support, and Help Desk Service as well as Technology Security, Deployment, and Consulting Services to many different companies and organizations. One such organization is the aforementioned United Needs and Abilities (UNA) who has been providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 1979.  These services enable individuals to achieve their personal goals, live more independently, and be productive members of their communities.

During the month of September, UNA suffered a series of severe technological issues: servers died, email systems were inaccessible, and internet access was interrupted. For an organization that relies on technology to run efficiently, this was a nightmare.  Thankfully, Tezla provided not just the necessary replacements, but also safety measures to prevent such issues from recurring. They did so with extreme dedication and professionalism, working within the organization’s restricted budget.  UNA is now functioning at peak productivity thanks to The Tezla Group.