Silvia Stewart thanks United Fund of Talbot County and United Needs & Abilities

Silvia Stewart credits her mother’s influence in raising her with the mentality that she can do anything if she just tried. Born with cerebral palsy and later in life, developing degenerative joint disorder, it hasn’t been easy. Though she has speech and muscle coordination challenges her positive outlook on life shines through.

However, 3 years ago, Silvia was in bad shape when DDA Resource Coordinator, Sue Ludwig first met her. Her physical conditions were starting to decline, causing her to fall when she tried to walk. Not a safe situation as Silvia’s favorite activities were cooking and dancing with her walker.

Thanks to funding provided by The United Fund of Talbot County, Silvia now has help three days a week with cooking, cleaning and personal care services through the United Needs & Abilities, Inc. (UNA) Low Intensity Support Services program. By way of the United Fund of Talbot County support, United Needs & Abilities is able to help individuals with developmental disabilities obtain the services they need to become more self-sufficient and integrated into the community.

Now, Silvia has a friend that takes her to church most days and because she is getting the help she needs, her meals are healthier and she feels more confident.

“It’s marvelous how they provide these services for me. I am so very grateful,” Silvia mentioned as she shared photos of her 7 grandchildren. Silvia loves her caregiver, especially her cooking; her favorite recipe is short ribs. She shared that without the extra help, she would lose her independence and would have to live in a group home or impose on her children, both not good options for her and her boyfriend (who also has mobility issues).

Silvia dreams of learning to scuba dive one day and hopes to take a vacation to a warm tropical climate. Right now, she has learned to float in a swimming pool and is happiest when her grandchildren visit, camping out and building forts in her living room.

 The United Fund of Talbot County is a local, independent organization raising funds for programs servicing Talbot County residents and is not affiliated with the United Way. More information is online at 

United Needs & Abilities is a nonprofit organization, 501 (C)(3), that enriches the lives of people with developmental disabilities by maximizing their opportunities to live in the community independently and productively. For more information, call 410-543-0665 ext.110 or visit

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