At this time last year, Kathy was living with her parents and was yearning  to "spread her wings".  At fifty five years of age, she was ready to move into her own place again.  Kathy felt that it was important to "give her parents their life back" and she wanted her independence.  She was concerned about moving out on her own due to the cost and the fact that her parents had been helping her with her transportation, medical coordination and other needs.   Read More

At the United Needs & Abilities annual award dinner and gala, consumers with developmental disabilities were honored for their achievements over the past year. Each individual received a certificate of achievement.  Additionally, a brick engraved with their name will be placed in the UNA Legacy Walk in honor of them. Read More

The Tezla Group saves the day at United Needs & Abilities
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Krista’s Story Read More

Silvia Stewart credits her mother’s influence in raising her with the mentality that she can do anything if she just tried. Born with cerebral palsy and later in life, developing degenerative joint disorder, it hasn’t been easy. Though she has speech and muscle coordination challenges her positive outlook on life shines through. Read More

If you don't have something nice to say, duct tape your mouth.  Read More