Kathy's Success

At this time last year, Kathy was living with her parents and was yearning  to "spread her wings".  At fifty five years of age, she was ready to move into her own place again.  Kathy felt that it was important to "give her parents their life back" and she wanted her independence.  She was concerned about moving out on her own due to the cost and the fact that her parents had been helping her with her transportation, medical coordination and other needs.  

Kathy now states that “it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.''  She relates that she is more independent, more grown up and "loves making her own choices."  She is learning to cook and has developed many wonderful relationships with her neighbors.  She loves to go shopping with her neighbor, Laverne, and they "help each other out.”  She takes great pride in her apartment, which she has decorated herself and which has a spectacular view of the Wicomico River.  She loves to invite her friends over to visit and to have quiet time on her own

Kathy's parents were concerned for her at first.  They worried about her being alone and for her safety.  They were afraid that she wouldn't meet friends and that she wouldn't be able to afford to live alone.  While they continue to provide some financial assistance for extra needs, Kathy is able to manage most of her expenses.  Her parents still help with some supports and are always there in case of an emergency.  Kathy's mother, Pat, notes that this is "a huge accomplishment" for Kathy and an adjustment for her and her husband.  "It is kind of hard to adjust to her not being here," notes Pat, "but she is so appreciative of our help and she is so proud of her new place.”

UNA Program Coordinator TJ Bunting still provides guidance, helps her to coordinate her finances and assists with transportation if needed.  Kathy noted that “having his support and UNA's has made a huge difference" in her life.  Kathy noted that everyone has been “such a huge support" and she doesn't know where she would be without them.  Her advice to anyone interested in moving into their own place is to "take a leap of faith and ask for help."